Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker V4.0

Toggle TweakerFeatures:
User Interface Tweaks:
-Change Dark Theme For Apps
-Enable/Disable Taskview button in Taskbar
-Change Volume Control UI
-Change Notification center UI
-Change Battery Status UI
-Change Cortana size in Taskbar
-Enable/Disable Transparency and Blur in : Taskbar -Notification center-Clock…
-Replace Logon screen Background Image with your accent color
-Enable/Disable Thumbnail Previews in File explorer*New
-Change OEM Information*New

Enable/Disable stuff In Windows 10
-Bring back Old Windows photo viewer
-Enable/Disable Lockscreen
-Enable/Disable Hibernation
-Enable/Disable Windows Smart Screen Filter
-Telemetry and Data collection*Updated
-Disable default Quick Access view in Explorer
-Add “Grant Admin Full Control” to Files and Folders context menu
-Enable/Disable Snap Assist*New
-Enable/Disable “New App Installed” Notification*New

Speed Up PC Performance
-Measure windows restart time
-Disable CPU Core Parking For more CPU Performance
-Speed up apps and services End Tasks
-Disable Some unnecessary services to speed up restart time*Updated
-Boost SSD Performance

Manage Microsoft Edge browser
-Disable Ads
-Dark/Light Theme
-Change Browser Home Button page
-Change default download directory
-Ask to close all tabs ?
-Enable/Disable Cortana inside the browser
-Enable/Disable Adobe Flash Player*New
-Enable/Disable Favorites Bar*New
-Change NewTab Page (Limited)*New

Manage Updates
-Enable/Disable Automatic Windows Updates
-Enable/Disable Automatic Windows Apps Updates
-Enable/Disable Notifications about new Preview Builds after RTM
-Clean Windows Update Junk
-Enable/Disable Windows Delivery Optimization (Update sharing)

Manage Folders In “This PC”
-Remove Folders From This PC and brig them back

Manage OneDrive
-Enable/Disable OneDrive*Updated
-Remove Onedrive/Dropbox Icon in File explorer
-Disable and delete Onedrive

Manage Windows Features
-Show Windows features list
-Enable a feature
-Disable a feature
-Disable and Remove feature Payload (clean feature files)
-Show “Turn Windows features on or off” window

Manage User Accounts
-Show me my User accounts
-Change specific user account Password
-Add NEW user account
-Delete a user account

Change Log:


This is a completely new version of Toggle Tweaker rewritten from scratch, so a lot of things has changed :
# The script Now can accept Mouse clicks as Input method (You can change it from the Settings)
# Almost all old options still exists and some are improved
# App removal section:Added New apps 3D Paint-3D View ~ Multi operations in one command ~ Apps Current Status
# ‘Undo All’ is removed because of the difficulty of tracking every single change made with the tweaker and added instead options to create a restore Point and to backup the Registry
# A lot of options will show you the current status (Enabled/Disabled) instead of just applying It
# Uninstalling Onedrive Will remove it’s packages from windows
# Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 is added to Windows apps menu with the ability to restore it
# Uninstalling Edge / Cortana Works with a new script now to avoid previous problems
# ‘PC Performance’ Menu is completely changed because the old one worked only for SSD Users
# Added the option to restore ‘Old MSConfig’ and ‘Classic Paint’ for Build 14986

**Special Thanks To Yasser Da Silva**



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